Sinister Sveta

... is working with sonic paradoxes, deep listening, unstable systems, acousmatic mystery and improvisation. Sinister Sveta’s live performance is a mixture of musique concrete and electro-acoustic elements, Ambient-Noise, Tribalism, Industrial and


Jiyun Park

... is a sound artist based in Cologne. She deepened her engagement with sound art at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts. By experimenting with different types of materials, she explores sensory and synaesthetic states in search of hidden and inherent sounds, spatial acoustics and performances for crossing borders in relation to space and time. Self-Built Instrument is focused on sound performance with an experimental instrument which is composed of strings and metallic sound box, producing overtones, harmonics and feed- back. It is capable to play with different sound colours : Resonances by cooper, bowing on strings, overtones and feedback.


... merciless though with great tenderness, the life of a young woman is portrayed. Fluctuating between aggression and devotion, impulsiveness and serenity. Closeness and fear – in the past with passionate ideals, now with a sobering sense of pragmatism. Self formation, self creation, self-depletion. team:intim shows itself soft, shy and brutal. In their compositions text and sound continuously rediscovers itself. Fragments melt and merge into caressing harmonies revealing a glimpse into the abyss.

l3kk0t3kkn0 @ the decks in Bremen
Schwall deejay @ the decks in Hamburg